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Sportpark Arena

The Sportpark Arena was completed in 2013 and is Austria’s largest multi-functional sport arena. The facility was designed as a four-way arena for sport, cultural and societal events. It is equipped with a state-of-the-art sound system and video technology, including a video wall. The sound system and video wall are managed by trained experts of Sportpark Klagenfurt, who also support the system during events. Each of the four arena sections can be booked separately and are not only available to sport clubs and event organizers but also to private individuals.


Maximum seating capacity of the arena amounts to approximately 3,000 persons, while mobile tribunes with a capacity of approximately 1,200 seats can be added as well. The arena is categorized into two zones: ball sport and track and field. The ball sport area can be used for volleyball, soccer, floor ball and fencing. The cross and field area has a 50m track and long jump facility.


The first floor holds a permanent audience tribune for approximately 200 persons and includes a handicap seating zone with room for wheel chairs.


The second floor has a balcony that is directly connected to the VIP area of the arena. The VIP area has 590 m² and holds up to 350 persons.


Arena specifications:

• Length: 64 m
• Width: 43 m
• Height: 14 m

Further sports facilities in Klagenfurt can be found on the Klagenfurt sports page as well as price information and contact persons.

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Practice Venues

Sportpark Klagenfurt offers excellent opportunities for enthusiastic soccer players by providing about 24,000 m² of playing area that includes 4 soccer fields (3 natural lawn fields and 1 artificial turf field). The practice venues of  SK Austria Klagenfurt, the Soccer Academy and the Provincial Training Center for Soccer are maintained on a regular basis.


Top European Clubs such as the HSV – Hamburger Sportverein, Schalke 04, Calcio Udinese, Krasnodar and the Austrian National Team use these practice venues within the scope of test and country matches.


The 4 practice venues in cooperation with the Wörthersee Stadium, the surrounding, modern sport infrastructure, and the Mediterranean climate create optimal conditions for your training camp to prepare for your soccer season.


The proximity to Lake Wörthersee, the optimal location within the Alps-to-Adriatic region, and the existing cooperation with nearby lodging facilities provide more than a convenient training package.

Trainingsplatz West

Practice Field West – Natural Lawn

Size: 68m x 105m
Practice Unit: 90 minutes

Trainingsplatz Ost (Naturrasen)

Practice Field East – Natural Lawn

Size: 60m x 90m
Unit: 90 minutes

Trainingsplatz Ost (Kunstrasen)

Practice Field East – Artificial Turf

Size: 68m x 100m
Unit: 90 minutes

Opening Hours: upon scheduling

Sportpark Klagenfurt GmbH
T +43(0)463 537 5310

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Wörthersee Stadium

The Wörthersee Stadium was opened with a grand celebration in September 2007 and underwent its practical testing during the Euro 2008. After some adjustments that were made in 2014, the stadium now has 30,000 seats for spectators. In addition to soccer games, the Wörthersee stadium has hosted open-air ice hockey derbies, concerts, as well as the United Word Games and Special Olympics –“Heartbeat 2014”.

Cultural events such as concerts are planned in addition to international sport events in the future.

Wörthersee Stadion 1

The stadium is subject to all UEFA and FIFA guidelines and represents a solid building that is beautifully integrated into the surrounding landscape. The dynamic superelevation of the roof above the East tribune is an architectural highlight of the stadium. The slightly increasing West ramp going towards the stadium, as well as several stairways that allow access to the stadium on the cornerstones of the platform are other eye-catching features. The tribunes are as close as possible to the soccer field and make every game a very special live experience.

The generously elevated box above the West building holds the VIP Lounge and its equipment and furnishing are designed for VIP season ticket holders. The VIP area has a special tribune for 300 special guests that slightly hangs over, and therefore, is even closer to the soccer field.

The Wörthersee Stadium is the most modern stadium of Austria and the home of the SK Austria Klagenfurt club, who has been playing its home games in this stadium in the 2nd Austrian League.


 List of permitted and prohibited items

Stadium rules

 Wörthersee Stadium

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