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Leopold Wagner Arena

The track and field facility Leopold Wagner Arena was opened in May 2012 and offers athletes a state-of-the-art infrastructure.

The training possibilities within the arena are manifold and include a modern track area with individual tracks, a covered track for winter training, several jump and throw amenities, as well as a large lawn area for training sessions.

The new weight and locker rooms with bathroom and shower facilities, a VIP and event center are also great features of the arena. Track and field athletes can use the track and field facilities of the Sportpark arena (tracks, long jump, and indoor training area) during the winter months.

The arena is the home for the two local track and field clubs KLC and LAC.

Both clubs are dedicating a lot of their work to youth development and offer children training sessions and talent shows on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

The track and field club LAC established a “ÖSTA-Team” for a year-round-practice to get austrian sports badge. Further Information: www.lacklagenfurt.at/inhalt/oesta.html



Are you a private individual and who would like to practice in the track and field arena? If so, you can purchase monthly passes, 3-months passes or season passes directly in the Sportpark-Office - Südring 207 – during the Operation hours (monday to thursday from 08:00 – 16:30 o`clock and friday from 08:00 to 12:00 o`clock) for the following prices:

Monthly Pass €30,- incl. VAT
3-Months Pass €75,- incl. VAT
Season Pass* €150,- incl. VAT
*(Season passes cover access to the arena from April to October)


Südring 215

9020 Klagenfurt/Wörthersee

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Sportpark Arena

The Sportpark Arena was completed in 2013 and is Austria’s largest multi-functional sport arena. The facility was designed as a four-way arena for sport, cultural and societal events. It is equipped with a state-of-the-art sound system and video technology, including a video wall. The sound system and video wall are managed by trained experts of Sportpark Klagenfurt, who also support the system during events. Each of the four arena sections can be booked separately and are not only available to sport clubs and event organizers but also to private individuals.


Maximum seating capacity of the arena amounts to approximately 3,000 persons, while mobile tribunes with a capacity of approximately 1,200 seats can be added as well. The arena is categorized into two zones: ball sport and track and field. The ball sport area can be used for volleyball, soccer, floor ball and fencing. The cross and field area has a 50m track and long jump facility.


The first floor holds a permanent audience tribune for approximately 200 persons and includes a handicap seating zone with room for wheel chairs.


The second floor has a balcony that is directly connected to the VIP area of the arena. The VIP area has 590 m² and holds up to 350 persons.


Arena specifications:

• Length: 64 m
• Width: 43 m
• Height: 14 m

Further sports facilities in Klagenfurt can be found on the Klagenfurt sports page as well as price information and contact persons.


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Practice for Children

The practice for children is offered by the track and field clubs KLC and LAC. With this kind of practice, children (starting at the age of 6 years) and youth are able to have playful access to track and field activities. Regular practice units foster and strengthen movement abilities of children. Practices are categorized into respective age groups and include coordination exercises and games, as well as basic track and field elements.

KLC Practice Schedule

  • All year around and during all weather conditions
  • Every Tuesday and Thursday from 17:30 o’clock to 18:45 o’clock
  • For requests and information please contact:
    • Betina Germann (0664/500 25 11)
    • Robert Kropiunik (0664/154 19 43)

LAC Practice Schedule

  • All year around and during all weather conditions
  • Every Tuesday and Thursday from 18:00 o’clock to 18:30 o’clock
  • For requests and information please contact:
    • Günther Gasper (0650/821 89 91)



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