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Table tennis performance center

The establishment of the TT – high performance center in the Sportpark Klagenfurt and its integration is a milestone for the future of the Carinthian table tennis sport but especially for our youngsters and competitive sport.

Ms. Branka Pasalic leads the training there in cooperation with the other trainers and instructors such as. Herbert Kofler or Helmut Gietler to work better and more efficiently. In addition, Mr. Zakarias Zolt from the SSLK is also involved, who carries out movement lessons and gymnastics exercises in the TTLZ that are specially tailored to TT.

The training plans created by ÖTTV national trainer Jarek KOLODZIEJCZYK are implemented here and adapted to modern table tennis times.

These trainings are especially about the collective where ALL young talents train together in order to strengthen the table tennis community internally and externally.

The TT performance center can be found in the Sportpark Halle – 3rd floor – archery center.