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Samsung Cupfinal – 19th of May 2016 -Wörthersee Stadium

Traffic & Parking Information

Please consider the following traffic information when traveling to Wörthersee-Stadium:

There is a driving ban on Südring between Wörthersee-Süduferstraße and Waidmannsdorfer Straße starting at 19.00 o’clock (until 23.30 o’clock), with an exception for motor vehicle access to the stadium parking lots and access for residents, as well as a ONE WAY ROAD ordinance from West to East with a 30 km/h speed limit.

Another one way road ordinance is in effect for Glanfurtgasse between Südring and Leopold-Figl-Straße from North to South, as well as from East to West for Leopold-Figl-Straße between Glanfurtgasse and Ferdinand-Wedenig-Straße.

Driving ban for both directions will be in effect for Siebenhügelstraße starting at Maria-Platzer-Straße headed West towards Südring/Sir-Karl-Popper-Straße, except for residents and Stadtwerke busses. Again, the driving ban is effective from 19.00 o’clock until 23.30 o’clock.

Residential protection will be secured through a blocked zone (driving ban and no parking or stopping except residential traffic) from 20.00 o’clock to 22.30 o’clock.

Parking for Visitors:
Parking Lot South at the stadium;
Parking guards make the Südring side verge/service road  available;
Parking at Minimundus/Strandbad: no shuttle service available; calculate an approximate 20-minute walk to the stadium from Minimumdus;

All parking lots can be accessed via Autobahn A2 – Exit “KLAGENFURT WEST” or Exit “KLAGENFURT WÖRTHERSEE”.

The event planner is not organizing any shuttle service to and from the stadium since parking at the stadium is available. Your event ticket is not valid for free public transportation in Klagenfurt.


Doors open at: 19:00 o’clock

Game starts at: 20:30 o’clock

The tickets to the game can be bought about Ö-Ticket.

Pre-Selling at the stadium:
On wednesday, 18th of May 2016 – Ticket desk South from 10:00 to 18:00 o`clock
On matchday the ticket desks will be opened staggered – initiating with ticket desk south from 15:00 o`clock