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Exercise Program for Brain Development

Life kinetics represents a gentle, physical and mental training, and can be practiced from childhood on, all the way through senior age.


Training effects:

Physical relaxation, concentration improvement, improvement of mental and physical endurance, reduction of error rates, increase of self-confidence, and ability to work independently.



The goal is to move with enthusiasm! Life kinetics targets the involvement of many brain areas in different types of movements in order to create improved links between those areas. More links between brain cells lead to higher brain endurance.


Training areas:

flexible body control, visual system, cognitive abilities.



When: The next appointments are 2018.

Where: Sportpark Klagenfurt – Players Entrance – Gymnastics Room



Please bring a water bottle and indoor sneakers!


Registration: http://gertimalle.com/life-kinetik/

or contact Gerti Malle at 0650 400 6373 or gerti.malle@lifekinetiktrainer.at


                        I am looking forward to work with you.