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Asia Sport Club

We live more and more in a world in which we mostly do our work sitting down. In addition, the mental demands on us are increasing. Stress and overwork have become the norm.

It is therefore becoming increasingly important to create a physical balance. Karate is ideal for arming us both physically and mentally for the challenges of everyday life. Due to the variety of techniques and methods, karate is suitable for all ages from 6 to 99+ (since we train in a group, the minimum age for us is 16).
Karate comes in many different forms. From modern sports like the 2021 Olympics to traditional, combat-oriented Japanese karate. We practice a mixed form that focuses on self-defense, self-assertion and health.


Sportpark Halle – Siebenhügelstraße 107 – indoor archery facility – 3rd floor


Anyone over the age of 16


Tuesday and Thursday 8:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. 

Furter information: