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VBK kelag Wörther-See-Löwen Klagenfurt against VBC Weiz

  • 20:25 - 23:00
  • Sportpark Arena Südring 207 9020 Klagenfurt Kärnten Österreich

There is great anticipation in the Klagenfurt camp, because the supplementary game against VBC TLC Weiz will be shown live on ORF SPORT + as a television game. “The decision came about at short notice, but due to the general ban on spectators, the effort and organization is manageable, and it’s a“ double ”with the ATSC women who will compete against TI Innsbruck. We are really looking forward to the event! ” says sports director Karin Frühbauer.

Wednesday, 2nd December 2020, 8:25 p.m., Sportpark Klagenfurt
VBK kelag Wörther-See-Löwen Klagenfurt – VBC TLC Weiz
live on ORF SPORT + from 8:15 p.m.

Mag. Karin Frühbauer
VBK kelag Wörther-See-Löwen Klagenfurt
Tel: +43 676 58 33 925