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National league match: RZ Pellets WAC vs. FK Austria Wien

  • 15:30 - 18:00
  • Wörthersee Stadium Südring 207 9020 Klagenfurt Kärnten Österreich

The Wolves will play against FK Austria Wien on 15.02.2015 at 15:30 o’clock at Wörthersee Stadium.

Questions and Answers regarding the game between the Wolves and FK Austria Wien

Is there a bus service throughout Carinthia that will bring spectators to the stadium? Yes, the ÖBB-Postbus Gmbh will bring fans from all over Carinthia at fair prices to the stadium. Bus rides can be reserved starting on Tuesday, 03.02.2015 at 09:00 o’clock, at www.postbus.at/kaernten or 0463/38220013.

Is there an exact date for the game between RZ Pellets WAC and FK Austria Wien? Yes, the game will take place on Sunday, 15.02.2015 at 15:30 o’clock at Wörthersee Stadium in Klagenfurt.

When are tickets available? Ticket sales for the game between RZ Pellets and FK Austria Wien starts on Tuesday, 03.02.2015.

Where can I buy tickets? Tickets can be purchased at the WAC office in the Lavanttal Arena, Intersport Wolfsberg, Klagenfurt/Südpark, Feldkirchen, Megymorecz in the EUCO-Center, and online at www.rzpelletswac.at  via print@home.

Do season ticket holders have to exchange their season ticket for a new ticket? No, the WAC season tickets are valid for Wörthersee Stadium access.

Where is season ticket seating? Seating season ticket holders will be seated in individually locked sectors on the long side of the Western tribune. These sectors are exclusively accessible to WAC seating season ticket holders, and there is no assigned seating in this area.

Where is season ticket standing room? Our standing season ticket holders are free to choose a spot on the Southern tribune.

Is there numbered seating? All Eastern tribune tickets are subject to numbered seating, meaning that ticket holders have assigned seating.

How much do tickets cost? There are different ticket price categories. Free choice of seating (Western tribune, Southern tribune, Northern tribune (guest sector)) – Regular price: € 20.00  Reduced price: € 18.00 Children: € 10.00 Numbered tickets (Eastern Lower Tribune) Regular price: € 22.00  Reduced price: € 20.00 Children: € 12.00

Where can I purchase VIP tickets? VIP tickets are associated with numbered seating that is categorized in upper section and lower section on the Western tribune.

VIP upper section: € 160.00

VIP lower section (Western tribune): € 120.00
VIP tickets can be purchased through Mr. Norbert Kopp at 0664 60720721.

How do VIP season ticket holders get their tickets? VIP season ticket holders can pick up their tickets for this game prior to game day at Wörthersee Stadium or by presenting their VIP season ticket at the VIP entrance on game day at Wörthersee Stadium.

How do season ticket holders get to Klagenfurt? Season ticket holders are provided with a free shuttle service from Wolfsberg to Klagenfurt and back. Make your shuttle service reservation starting on Monday, 02.02.2015 at 09:00 o’clock at 04352 30688. PLEASE NOTE: You MUST make a reservation if you would like to use the shuttle service from Wolfsberg to Klagenfurt and back!


Ticket are available at the WAC office in the Lavanttal Arena (Mo-Fr 08:00-14:00), at Intersport Wolfsberg, Klagenfurt/Südpark and Feldkirchen, at Megymorecz in the EUCO Center, and ONLINE.

Now you can also get your Mobile Ticket! This type of ticket service can be requested in the Online Shop when you purchase your ticket. The ticket is then sent to the cellphone of the buyer and can be saved in the Passport Application or similar apps. The mobile ticket has to be shown and scanned upon entrance of the stadium. The charging of fees for mobile tickets is handled like online orders through print@home.