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Friendly Country Match: Austria vs. Malta

  • 20:30 - 22:30
  • Wörthersee Stadium Südring 207 9020 Klagenfurt Kärnten Österreich

Traffic and Parking Information

Dear Visitors!

We ask you to consider the following traffic measures when traveling to the Wörthersee-Stadium:

Südring will be closed for vehicular traffic from 19.00 o’clock until 23.30 o’clock between Wörthersee-Süduferstraße and Waidmannsdorfer Strasse except for Stadium parking access with a valid day parking pass and for residential traffic/taxis/handicap access, and a ONE-WAY STREET from west to east, as well as a 30km/h speed limit.

Glanfurtgasse will be a one-way street between Südring and Leopold-Figl-Straße from north to south, and Leopold-Figl-Straße between Glanfurtgasse and Ferdinand-Wedenig-Straße from east to west will be a one-way street as well.

Siebenhügelstraße starting at Maria-Platzer-Straße westward until Südring/Sir-Karl-Popper-Straße will be closed for vehicular traffic, except for residents and STW busses., starting at 19.00 o’clock until 23.30 o’clock.

Residents of the area are protected by a no-driving/parking zone (not valid for residents themselves) between 20.00 o’clock and 22.30 o’clock. 

PARKING for Visitors:
Parking Lot South (Süd) at the stadium is available until 19:00 o’clock, depending on availability;
The side road on Südring is available for parking until 19:00 o’clock upon order by the security service;

ADDIONTIONAL PARKING with free Shuttle-Service to the stadium is available at:
• Minimundus
• Minimundus P+R
• Parking Lot „Autobahn“
• Parking Lot „Villacher Straße“ (weather-depending) – vis á vis Minimundus
Free Shuttle-Service at 10-minute intervals from all additional parking lots to and from the stadium from 18.30 o’clock  until  2 hours after the game (bus stop Siebenhügelstraße/Maria Platzer Straße)!

Public Transportation:
Ticketbesitzer können die Buslinien der STW AG für Fahrten zum Stadion ab 17.30 Uhr bzw. bis Betriebsende GRATIS benützen.
All parking lots can be reached via Autobahn A2 – Exit “KLAGENFURT WEST” or “KLAGENFURT WÖRTHERSEE”.

We wish you safe travels to Klagenfurt!

Lageplan Wörthersee Stadion

Pre-ticket sale at the stadium:

Monday, May 30 at ticket sales booth South (Süd) from 10-18 o’clock

Ticket sale booths will be open subsequently on game day – starting at booth South (Süd) at 15:00 o’clock.