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Austrian Archery Championship

  • Indoor Archery Range Südring 207 9020 Klagenfurt Kärnten Österreich

Event Specifications for Individual Competitions

Austrian Championship (ÖM)
2×30 arrows

Austrian National Championship (ÖSTM)
Qualification round (2×30 arrows)+ Elimination rounds and finals

Event Specifications for Team Competitions

Qualification (WKO / WKO para.1) + Finals (of the best 8 teams)

Event Specifications for Mixed-Team Competitions

Qualification (in compliance with WKO + Elimination rounds and finals (of the best 16 mixed teams)


Austrian Championship

Individual Competitions (all age categories):
Bare bow, instinctive shooting, long bow, handicapped athletes (Paraplegics, Tetraplegics)

Individual Competitions (students 1 and 2, cadets, juniors, seniors 1 and 2):
Recurve and Compound

Team Competitions
Bare bow, instinctive bow and long bow (general category)

Mixed Team Competitions
Recurve and Compound (general category)

Austrian National Championship

Individual Competition (general category):
Recurve and Compound + Single finals (WKO Art.

Team Competition (general category):
Recurve and Compound + finals

All competitions, except the mixed team competitions, include womens’ and men’s competitions.

Number of Participants

150 archers can start per group (morning/afternoon).


Registration Deadline

March 5, 2014


For further information please read the links to the respective documents, go to www.oestm-2014.at or contact the tourney manager Johann Uschounig at 0664/1113003.